Wedding Photographers


Updating this as I go, however I often get asked if I know any great photographers, and tbh, I do. Who better to get to know, follow, interact with and sometimes even learn from.

So as I stated before, I often get asked “Do you know any great photographers?” and the truth is that, why yes, I do. For who better to get to meet great photogs better than the person who nearly works side by side with them, interacting with them throughout the day, and seeing how they interact with the bride & groom. So, without further ado, I present to you, the list:

Josh Dehonney

Josh is great. Not only does he have a great porfolio and do really nice work, he also interacts well with the bride and groom and yes, even the disinterested groomsmen. He can ad-lib making dull moments fun, and has an eye for creative ways to pull off shots exploiting colors, scenery, and sunlight.

Craig Pitelli

– Craig is sick. Flat out a ninja who has in his mind the shot he wants, and knows how to get it. He works quick, and can get in & out and come away with the shot he was looking for, that’ll have you speechless.


Kate Duffy

I first heard alot about Kate before ever shooting with her. So admittedly going in I had pretty lofty expectations. She lived up to the hype;) Truly has a vision for capturing the moment.

Dawn Snell

Dawn is great to work with. A true professional, she cares about her craft, and your wedding photos. Plus she’s really good at it. Willing to get the shot you want, yet flexible to seek the days vision you perceive.

Leah Gallo Leah is a really great photographer with an eye on details, and using a creative vision. Great at showing beautiful viewspoints of your day, she will capture what you didn’t see.

Posted on: July 21, 201437media