Guesting A Wedding

Guesting a wedding

So, for the first time since my brother got married in 2012, I attended a wedding as a guest. And only the second time since New Years Eve 2010. Apparently I’m getting older. Anyway as a guest of a wedding, I tried to take note of the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between being a guest, and working a wedding. And boy were they plenty!

First off, wayyyyyyyy less pressure. All I needed to bring were a card (with check of course as gift), and my keys. It was a downtown wedding of my cousin (groom) so I could take the train. At that, I could’ve prolly gotten away without either and still been fine. Just mail him the card with an apology saying I forgot it could suffice. That said, that was it. Well, and a tie of course. Secondly, timing it. Shoot for about 30 minutes early. Granted, taking the train made this pretty easy, in fact I was closer to an hour early. Still, if I did run into delays & showed up a few minutes late, or drive & traffic was a nightmare well simply stroll in the back door & sit in the final pew. Well, the second to last pew because I think someone was already sitting in the last pew (you know who you are;).

At this point, I was there, and seated. So yes I then took note of the videographer, and photographer as well. Didn’t critique them, I’m not so snobbish. Just checked what they were doing, how they operate, obtain a few establishing shots & cutaway shots of the church etc. And generally make sure I do pretty much what he does, only better;) While I found some things peculiar, I’ll leave that go, only saying I like the way I work. Onwards.

At this point, the ceremony ended, and its time for the guests to deviate and the bridal party & lovely couple to do their thing & go take photos & videos at all the lovely locations they can manage to get to. And for us guests, it’s pre-cocktail hour hour. Or something like that. Hmmmmmmmmmm, looking back, it was way more relaxing a day than I realized.

So we eventually move along to the reception venue, as its cocktail hour. I opted not to indulge to many drinks, I think having worked over 100 open bar weddings made me realize it’s not really reason to drink all you can. But again, I took note when the photographer & videographer arrived and setup. I had a bit of a eureka! moment where I realized “Huh, I suppose most guests don’t even take much note of the photo & video crew… just as long as their not in the way.” That or indulging in too many appetizers.

Posted on: August 27, 201437media