Neang & Johnny’s Wedding

Neang & Johnny’s Wedding

Neang & Johnny

When meeting Neang & Johnny & talking to them, I noticed a desire for someone remotely familiar with certain cultural weddings. Being a 2 days event (Friday/Saturday), they are somewhat atypical as compared to most American wedding, and being so, difficult to book. It worked out I had a busy fall, and would mind stretching my 10 hour shift across 2 nights. And I was glad I did. I had mentioned I had shot a korean wedding previously, and in discussing the details of the house ceremony and reception (visiting each table), it turned out there were similarities. Similarities though, not at all the same.

Having said that, I was prepared. Neang did a good job defining what it is she was looking for from video, details of Cambodian weddings, and I was sure of how to cover it. Using a 2 camera shoot in the house ceremony in Pennsauken, NJ. I was able to get good detail and closeup shots, especially of the 3 gowns worn by the lovely bride and her bridesmaids. Beginning with a traditional walk of the groom approaching his brides house with his family and bearing gifts, made for a cool storyline to tell during the edit.

Onto night two, were during the guests entrances the bridal party again went thru a variety of wardrobe changes, greeted guests as they arrived. From there, Johnny and Neang stayed with Cambodian tradition of greeting and thanking guests at each table, and being congratulation by gifts as is custom. A crowded and fun dance floor was a good time and a nice mix of Cambodian (nearly Hawaiian luau sound) music mixed with American music both oldies and current, and Neangs fave, Maroon 5;)



Posted on: November 15, 201537media