Reflections On 2015

I finished my last edit of the season, and they’re all off & in the mail for happy couples to reflect back on their wedding night, and relive their day thanks to the hard work & effort I’ve put in to it. However the thanks really should go out to them & all the couples I’ve had the privelege to work with this past season, as it was a successful one in many ways. That said, I thought it would be good to reflect back on the past wedding year, and point out some of the moments that have stood out for me.

First up, the business has grown. Not in a corporate or staffing way per se, but in getting to do what it is I like to do. Shoot weddings and impress couples with the highlight reels, and full lengths. Whether it’s capturing events and parts of the day they forgot, didn’t see, or just are completely surprised about (Eagles Pep Band comes to mind). Doing it more means experience in getting to do it better. Whether it’s experience and preparedness, additional funding for equipment, learning new tricks, and familiarity with venues and various settings and shooting conditions (outdoor ceremonies, barn weddings, rustic theme, eclectic weddings etc).

Second thoughts coming to mind, my gear is set. I shoot using full HD camera with a backup HD/DSLR style interchangable lens. And with that, the lenses are a full stack. In addition I have a glidecam & slider, and I know how to use them. Making changes to any of these in the past meant having to tweak and rebalance alot, however now my glidecam is fully balanced to the camera for optimum stabilization. Thus getting you the best shots.

Thirdly(?), I got to meet up with and work with some tremendous vendors. Some of whom I truly feel are some of Philadelphias Best Of. Photographers Josh Dehonney & Dawn Snell pretty much bookended my season, as one of my first & last respectively. Also got to work with the perennially awesome Kate Duffy. Also for the first time I worked with Nate Desch, a Reading PA area phtoographer who is vastly experienced and works throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Great photographer, nice guy too. And I got to work with 2 great DJs, Adam Moyer & Cleveland Morris. And had an interesting wedding at the very nice venue La Massaria in Gilbertsville, PA. A nice location with a very nice & accomodating staff. Beautiful scenic location as well.

Other thoughts, I’ve proudly been charitable. As stated in my blog I shot a Quinceanera for a girl in Camden, NJ who was not only a great girl, but came from an amazing family. He quinceanera video was badass, and while they were tremendously grateful, it was great having met them. Some things aren’t fair in our society, and I’ll leave it at that. Had a great stretch of weather, not sure I had any full on downpours, although a September wedding down in South Jersey which hoped to be outdoors had to move it inside with about 15 minutes to go before the ceremony start time. Inside, outside, inside etc… Lovely. Had no weddings this July:( so I don’t recall if the heat was bad although the June/August weddings that I recall didn’t seem all that bad, compared to previous wedding seasons. Having said that, it’s a good time to point out that this is work, and by work I mean labor. Running around, carrying heavy bags & gear, timeframes to rush to meet, catches up to me. In November my back was crushed, just felt nearly gone. I finally had to visit a chiropractor, for the first time in my life (Shout out to East Falls Chiropractic, holllerr!). It helped tremendously, not just in realigning it, but in determining that taking an extra moment to just take a break, stretch, reposition myself before lifting bags, or hoping into my car, or sitting down when I arrive home etc can all be measures to help improve myself and my body. It’s my offseason now, so it’s time for the gym.

That said, 2015 was a really great year. I thoroughly happy with all the couples who chose to have me shoot their wedding video, but also in the end products I was able to create. Many great highlight videos are available to view on my site here, many more to come in 2016!


Posted on: December 23, 201537media