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My name is Dave and I run It’s a wedding videography business unlike any other. Being locally based who shoots and edits your wedding I’m the one who meets you, attends your day, understands your interests and what really are the important moments, and captures the feel to retell it to you upon the edit. I also have been to many (read many) wedding ceremony & reception venues throughout the Philadelphia region, yet even if I haven’t been to your venue, chances are I’ve shot in one that’s very similar.

Wedding videography is so much more than just a wedding video. It tells a story of your wedding day, yet allows you to revisit your special yet very busy day. Unlike wedding photography alone which allows you to see and recollect upon your memories of your day, video allows you to relive your wedding day.

I often hear back from brides caught by surprise as to how much they missed, forgot, or were just too busy to observe. Bridal prep, hair & makeup, photo sessions, 1st dance, toasts, cake cutting, your wedding guests out on the dance floor having fun, it’s alot to take in. Yet video captures it for you in the ways photography won’t. Photography is a moment in time, to revisit in your memory, yet cinematic video will satisfy that desire to relive it.


Why should you consider using ILovePhillyWeddings?

  • Experience – I have shot well over 100 weddings, in all sorts of venues. From the Rittenhouse Hotel to a bar in Queens Village. Both were unique in their own way, and both told a great story.
  • Editing – I do my own editing. Some larger firms hire us shooters, yet then edit in-house. Not a bad method, I’m sure their editors might be faster than me. However do they know the ins & outs of your day?  Will they remember all the fun moments of scenes that were captures?  Your personalities and likes and dislikes?  Can they truly represent your wedding and you as a couple?
  • Affordability – My packages begin at $1495. I supply both a full length edit, as well as a highlight reel. Requesting only a $200 booking fee to reserve the date. Rates can be viewed here.
  • Local – I know the ins & outs of the city, the venues, locations. I’ve worked with alot of the local vendors.
  • Reviews – I don’t push for solicitations from my past couples. As a small business operator, maybe I should, as reviews are what helps build and reinforce my brand. However, those who have felt impressed by the work I’ve done and services I provided can be read here.
  • Commitment – I enjoy weddings. I’ll look forward to your wedding date. Rest assured, it’s marked on my calendar, booked, with plenty of followup time arranged for me to do the editing afterwards.


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Lastly, I don’t outsource. As you complete your search for a wedding videographer, you’ll likely encounter many studios. What you may not read into, is that many of these are national chains. (BTW you can read more about my insights into Video Vendors here). Not entirely a bad thing, however the people you’re communicating with live nowhere in the area. They’ll book your wedding, farm it out to someone with a camera they find off of Craigslist, then who knows who the person is who edits your final product. Think about that. The person editing your wedding video DID NOT attend your wedding. That’s just mind blowing to me. I couldn’t imagine how someone can attempt to relive your day who didn’t even offer to live your day.

Wedding videos are storytelling, they tell how your day went, was it formal, casual, fun, traditional. Who was the funny bridesmaid, who was the goofball groomsman, the best dancer on the dancefloor. You can’t get the thru watching 300 various clips, and they wouldn’t have time to think about it given their deadlines I can only imagine.My process is a two phased process of both capturing, and gathering knowledge about your an your wedding party and guests

So I can tell you with a pretty firm stance that yes, I feel I offer the best value for videography in the Philadelphia region.

More samples available on our Videos page.

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