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Affordable Philadelphia DJ covering Weddings, Events, Beer Gardens and Block Parties

I view myself as an atypical Wedding DJ. Why “atypical” you ask? 

Because I’ve witnessed, and worked with more DJs than any other. As a videographer, I’ve attended over 100 weddings. A large part of my video service, is capturing the dance floor. I love a crowded dance floor to end the night, the pressures off, the important events have been completed, it’s fun time. And no, I’m not a ‘Bright light in the guests face’ cameraguy thinking he’s an expert (I use a superb 1.4 lens that’s incredible in low light).

With that experience said, I’ve seen what works, what kills it, and what’s absurd. First, the absurd: I’m not going to be your EDM nightclub guy. I literally worked a wedding where the DJ knowingly played a song called “Blow My Whistle Bitch”?!  Early in the night too. In the context of his setlist, I doubt it was a request either. How anyone thinks a song like that is appropriate for a wedding, well I find that astonishing. Others, when they finally play a song people recognize, Shake It Off let’s say, the crowd gets into it, they then mix it into their own Techno trance mix, decapturing the guests fun. So this, may be a fit for some weddings (consider with caution however), but it wouldn’t be a wedding I should be chosen for.

Next, What just doesn’t work: Lack of interest and professionalism. DJs who just want to get thru the night and onto the harder dance stuff. Turndt Down For What, Shots etc. I’ve found DJs like this place not enough emphasis on the formalities such as introductions, gathering interest into the toasts (leading to guests continue to talk during it), and pointing over to the cake saying “They’re cutting the cake” without stopping the music. Again, if you don’t want much emphasis placed on the formalities, by all means. In my experience however, it works better when we do.

Finally, songlist. I love the classics. Not just in age, Shake It Off, Call Me Maybe etc are legitimately fun songs for guests. Why not play them? Uptown Funk, Marry You, Lucky & Happy all great. YMCA. Sure! I love the hits. And I love to segue in from slow dance 60s & 70s, to gradually bring the dancing up to speed. Takes time, but I don’t wanna be a 3 songs & out kinda guy for you.


With that said, if you’re looking for a bit of a budget yet solid wedding DJ you can trust, or if you have a last minute DJ need for any reason, be it wedding, beer garden or block party, gimmie a shout. I have a very solid song list and can cover many music genre’s.