New Jersey

New Jersey Weddings

Occasionally, I am contacted and asked if I cover areas of New Jersey for weddings.

You bet I do!

I find dismay in the thought that people feel the need to ask, it’s a very popular area for me, but I suppose I ‘get it’. After all, the websites title, ILovePhillyWeddings. Seems fairly constrained, but after all, it’s a play on words and incorporates the ENTIRE Philadelphia region. Center City, Philadelphia, the suburbs, the exburbs, and New Jersey and Delaware. There’s little difference in traveling to Vorhees as there is Conshohocken or West Chester.

I cover pretty much all of South Jersey and parts of Central Jersey, without any mileage fees. Yes, even on down to the shore! My rates are reasonable, my quality unsurpassed, and my comittment to you, on your wedding day in unprecendented.

Having said that, yes I cover weddings in NJ. Several. I also do quinceanerra’s there as well, two of ’em. I’ve found some of the more popular venues that I’ve been to are:

  • Luciens Manor
  • Lambertville Station
  • The Merion
  • Brigalis
  • Masso’s Red Pine Inn
  • Valleybrook Country Club
  • Scotland Run Golf Club
  • Avalon Yacht Club

Many of these I’ve been to multiple times, and many, many churches to go with that. There’s been more over the years, these seem to be either the most common or more recent. In any case, a weddings a wedding and each is unique in its own way. Plus I have GPS (obvi), so get me on the road & I’ll get there. Coverage area, similar to PA, all of South Jersey up to around the Trenton area & eastward. If you are unsure or would like to inquire, contact me & I’m sure we can work it out.