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Meet Luis, He Should Emcee Your Wedding

Meet Luis, he should emcee your wedding:)

So as a videographer, I’ve shot numerous weddings, and with it, seen just as many DJ’s. Some good, some bad, and some lucky. Before I go on, I just like to point out that nothing is worse than a DJ who would rather be spinning at clubs, and thinks he is spinning at a nightclub. This past weekend, a great photog fried Josh & I shot a wedding where the DJ but no, and you’re reading this correctly “NO” emphasis on the wedding traditions. Music & dance floor was uninterrupted for the cake cutting, the bouqet & garter toss was just a random throwing into the crowd with no announcement made whatsoever. It just makes for more like a night at the bar, rather than a fun wedding.

Enter Luis, stage left. I first worked with him Memorial Day weekend 2014. After working about 5 or so years shooting weddings he was the first DJ/emcee I’d really go far out of my way to endorse. I’ve worked with good DJ’s, and I once saw 100% guest participation on the dance floor to kick it off. And Luis is one who gets it there, or very close. But he also has a great method of interacting with the guests making it fun for them, and he has his own slew of tricks to get your guests laughing, dancing, and having a great time.!/3/Luis_Maldonado/105