In Addition to the traditional Hello World!

In addition to the traditional Hello World!

Welcome to my site! I’ll keep the Hello World! post here as an inside joke I suppose (pssst, it’s automatically generated) but use this one to welcome you all. Friends, family, soon to be newlyweds and just casual web browsers chillin on a wedding videographers site.

I hope you like my site, and moreso my work. I’m happy to use the domain name because, well I do love shooting weddings. I won’t say exactly why, it’s just a passion, and it clicked on for me one day at a shoot. After having a few under my belt I was out on a wedding shoot and I had the thought come to me, “That’s it. I’m gonna take this to another level for this couple” just to blow them away. And guess what, I did. It was a great weddiing and video, yet ever since I always strive to built it to another level as best I can.

I would love to work for you, to cover your day capturing moments you wouldn’t have otherwise realized happened. Feel free to peruse around and contact me with any questions or for availability.