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Meet Luis, He Should Emcee Your Wedding

Meet Luis, he should emcee your wedding:)

So as a videographer, I’ve shot numerous weddings, and with it, seen just as many DJ’s. Some good, some bad, and some lucky. Before I go on, I just like to point out that nothing is worse than a DJ who would rather be spinning at clubs, and thinks he is spinning at a nightclub. This past weekend, a great photog fried Josh & I shot a wedding where the DJ but no, and you’re reading this correctly “NO” emphasis on the wedding traditions. Music & dance floor was uninterrupted for the cake cutting, the bouqet & garter toss was just a random throwing into the crowd with no announcement made whatsoever. It just makes for more like a night at the bar, rather than a fun wedding.

Enter Luis, stage left. I first worked with him Memorial Day weekend 2014. After working about 5 or so years shooting weddings he was the first DJ/emcee I’d really go far out of my way to endorse. I’ve worked with good DJ’s, and I once saw 100% guest participation on the dance floor to kick it off. And Luis is one who gets it there, or very close. But he also has a great method of interacting with the guests making it fun for them, and he has his own slew of tricks to get your guests laughing, dancing, and having a great time.!/3/Luis_Maldonado/105

Hey DJ Play That Song

DJs can be fun, and make a great night. On the other hand, a bad DJ can ruin a dance floor, and vis a vie, a wedding night. I highly recommend certain DJs, and would like to forewarn you of the “Nightclub DJ” who thinks he DJs clubs in NYC but it only doing this wedding for side money, or the casual acquantance who’s never worked a wedding but thinks he can handle event. There’s soo many other important events like introductions, first dance, toasts, cake cutting and timing of it all that makes a first timer or disinterested employee overwhelmed with what really goes on at a wedding. I’ve seen them cave and revert back to their “I’m really a nightclub DJ” mentality.